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Established in 1999 we are a combined manufacturer of yarn grey fabrics printing and dying and stitched final products We can produce almost all different specifications and qualities of 100 polyester microfiber fabrics for home textile Our factory processes more than 480 sets of water jets two brushing machines 4 DTY machines two embossed machines one calenderted machines and two ultrasonic embossed machines We make sure to offer best quality to all our clients all the time warmly welcome to visit us and start

Categories and Products

Polyester Printed Bed Sheet Fabrics

Polyester Microfiber Embossed Fabrics

Polyester White Fabrics Bed Sheet

Polyester Microfiber Dobby Woven Fabrics Bed Sheet

Polyester Microfiber WAX Print Fabrics

Polyester Plastic Dots Fabric

Polyester Ultrasonic Fabric

Polyester Slub Fabric

Polyester Seersucker Fabric

Polyester Mini Matt Fabric

Polyester Satin Fabric

Polyester Dyed Fabric

Polyester Tricot Mattress

Jute Fabric Woven Fabrics

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